Welcome to AICreations

Beyond the limits of art

AICreations is a collection of 500 unique NFTs, generated by AI and distributed on the Ethereum Network


MINT PRICE: 0.08 ETH + Gas Fees

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AICreations uses an Artificial Intelligence capable of creating procedural art pieces, thanks to the Deep Learning "GANs" model.

This collection will mainly focus on PORTRAITS. We have plans for future collections, including ABSTRACT paintings and other art forms.

We won't disappoint you like the usual "10.000 NFTs project": our collection will be really exclusive, containing no more than 500 tokens.


Owning one of our NFTs will grant you access to a private NFT group on our discord.

Every AI Creations owner will also get WhiteListed in all the projects we'll collaborate with.

You will have all intellectual rights on the NFTs you buy, and you'll be able to freely use them in your own projects.

Buying a NFT from this first drop will also give you access to free mints for our upcoming collections.

After the mint phase, AICreations will enter the Metaverse: we'll use a part of the earnings to buy Metaverse plots for our community.

When the third drop will be completed, DAO phase will start.

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#1 Start: Pre-Mint
  • Community Building
  • Launching several giveaway
  • TikTok Marketing Growth Tactics
  • Giveaways based on Community Challenges
  • Reveal Mint Date: 02/27/2022
#2 Start: Mint Day
  • After sold out 4 ETH will be reinvested towards partnerships & marketing campaigns
  • 100% of Secondary Sales will finance future projects
  • Level 1 mass marketing campaign begins prior to graduation
#3 Post Mint
  • 1 day after mint, the NFTs will be revealed
  • Level 2 mass marketing campaign begins
  • 100% of all secondary sales will be distributed to one of the owners
  • 2nd Viral Marketing Campaign will start


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Frequently Asked Questions

If there is anything we haven't covered yet, feel free to contact us on Twitter or Discord

  • ? What are the AICreatioins NFTs?

    The AICreatioins NFTs are 500 unique AI generated portraits uploaded on the Ethereum Blockchain.

  • ? How can I get an AICreation NFT?

    The official Public Mint will be on 02/27/2022.

  • ? How much will they cost to mint?

    Each AICreatioins NFT will be priced at 0.08 ETH + Gas Fees (Our contract is quite good so Gas Fees are lower than usual).

  • ? What will the reinvested funds be used for?

    The 20% of the funds will be used to finance future projects, 70% to pay for giveaways and collabs and the last 10% will be used to pay the collaborators.

  • ? What blockchain will the NFTs use?

    The project will be on the Ethereum Blockchain.

  • ? When will the reveal take place?

    The reveal will take place 24 hours after Public Mint sells out. Enter the discord for the latest updates.

  • ? How many rarities are there?

    There are no rarities, every NFT is unique. The comunity will give them different values.

  • ? How many NFTs will be reserved?

    No NFT will be reserved for marketing, partnerships or giveaways. Every NFT won through giveaways, will be sweeped from the floor right after the mint

The Team

Blockchain & Site Developer
Digital Artist & Designer
Financial Expert & AI-Developer